Software Consultancy and Concert Photography

Welcome to the site of Askew Software Consultancy and Concert Photography. The former grew from a childhood hobby into a career that has spanned many decades and seen many technologies come and go. Projects have been diverse and been for some very well known household names.

The concert photography grew not just from a passion for music but also for a desire to somehow capture the moment. Any concert goer will have had that moment when they whip out the camera phone to capture that special moment so I suspect that more people now understand why I get such a thrill from photographing a gig than when I first started.

Renewed web site

It has been long overdue but the website has needed a cleanup for some years. The old site was simply not modern and not compatible with modern mobile devices. But with a busy workload for clients it is going to take time to completely replace the old site and, for a while at least, some links will take you back to the old pages.


A large part of a past project was building charts and for that task we used a free web based open source library from Plotly. Their system meant that we could focus more on the important stuff like gathering and processing the data and then could leave the chart rendering to them.

For clarity, I'm not employed by them, I just found their product made achieving the end result so much easier and I like their product. See more here including a demonstration.

Traffic control

The traffic light you set see here was purchased from Cleware in Germany. We then hooked it up to some software that we wrote that monitors the continuous integration build and test system. If those tests fail we'd like the developer whose changes caused the failure to be aware as soon as possible and this seemed like a fun solution to a practical problem.

read more here

On the radar

The technology radar has been created as a visual representation of the expected timeline of new technologies. You can see a working version here. The page is primarily designed for full sized browsers but it will work on a mobile with some restrictions.

Who is that guy?

What the guy in the background? That's Steve Hogarth lead singer of only the best band in the world, Marillion. That night, the 29th of November 2011, they were playing the 013 in Tilburg. It is good that the virus is generally behind us and that the band is touring again.