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Hello world!

by Nick on May.28, 2009, under Uncategorized

Indeed Hello World. I ahve heard so much about WordPress that I thought I really should give it a try. The result is the page you are looking at. My plan is really just to create a portion of the site where I can quickly add my thoughts and findings without needing to resort to opening up Visual Studio and editing a web page.

What I can tell you so far about the experience is that it was quick and painless to install. Although to be honest this is probably because EasyCGI (my hosting company) provide a script to install it into a folder of my choosing. There were one or two little hurdles to jump after installing. The first was that the site was installed with the URL is not the same as and so I needed to change the sites folder. I firstly assumed this was in a config file of some sort but after some messing around found that it is stored in the meta data database. I found an article on the web ( that gave me the information I needed to change the meta data.

You need to edit the functions.php of the active theme and then reload the page a few times before finally editing the file back. The change you make is to enter the following lines at the top of the file.



 Well once I’d done that I found that everything looked so much nicer and was able to select a different theme. However a message popped up on the administrator tab that suggested that I could update to the latest version just by clicking the link. I thought this would never work as I was being hosted on someone elses machine. Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked, it worked.

I’ve downloaded several themse and can easily switch between them with no problems. So right now I think I might become a fan of WordPress and have also to say a big thanks to EasyCGI too.

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