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Tickets for “Them Crooked Vultures”

by Nick on Aug.18, 2009, under Rants

It seems that they might have finally found a way to beat the scalpers. Of course the fact that it makes buying tickets almost impossible seems neither here nor there. You need to show up today at the venue, show photo ID, buy one ticket, get an arm band attached and then show up tomorrow with the same photo ID, arm band, and ticket for the gig. You cannot buy tickets for friends, you cannot get your ticket in any other way and it is not transferable. This is the price we have to pay to stop the menace that are the scalpers.

The band implementing this policy are called “Them Crooked Vultures” and are a three piece band comprising of members of Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, and Queens of the Stone age. I’ve only heard about 15 seconds of music from this “new” band and that sounded good (actually great) but not good enough for me to go through all that trouble. If anyone knows how it is possible to hear more from these guys I’d really like to know.

A brief footnote. Despite these measure I see that there are still firms out there trying to claim they can sell you a ticket to the show. Please for God’s sake do not waste your money, the only place you can get a real ticket is at the door tonight. If you cannot go yourself and collect that ticket then tough. Personally I do not think the promotion for the event makes this clear enough but they have tried.

Another footnote. A friend just told me that he had wanted to go to this gig but new nothing about it. The reason for this was of course the terrible secrecy. I only found out because the e-mail promoting it arrived with what looked like a WGS 84 map location and with me being into GIS I got curious. There was no name of the band in the mail and nothing on the site (just some cryptic number that is apparently what you need to type on a phone to get their name). Had the mail said “a new group comprising members of …” then perhaps I’d have also been interested and perhaps more people too. Well the friend told me that one of his colleagues had told him that they had been so successful at keeping it a secret that it had been a fairly poor turnout. I suspect also that a number of people thought (like me) that given the choice between turning up to Amsterdam on two successive nights on the off chance of getting tickets for a band whose total repertoire consists of 15 seconds, or sit in the Garden with your mates sipping beer, they would go for the beer thanks. I think in the current economic climate they would have been better trying to get airtime on the big radio stations and not trying to create such an air of mystery that nobody actually knows you are playing. However that said it does seem that the people who went had a great time and that is the most important thing.

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An American’s opinion of the Dutch

by Nick on Aug.09, 2009, under Rants

Warning, this is quite offensive and shows a level of arrogance that beggars belief. I was recently reading one of my favourite news sites for Dutch news,, and came across an article (here) talking about a You Tube video that was a response to a news report on American media channels. (continue reading…)

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New Glasses

by Nick on Aug.08, 2009, under Rants

Since the age of about 40 (some 4 years ago as I write) I’ve been finding that anything near to me is becoming a little blurry.  In other words I am long sighted. Initially this was a mild inconvenience but then I started to notice that the only way to read things was to hold them at a distance and now that distance is getting to the point where my arms are not quite long enough and the finer print is just a little too fine to read at that distance anyway. (continue reading…)

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