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You know how it is.

by Nick on Mar.14, 2010, under Rants

You are brought up in a Christian school and told of the certainty of God, how he is looking out for us and how kind and good he is. You soon find that there are millions of people around the world that are starving and how the Church is doing good works to try to help these poor people. You might start to wonder why God does not help them but this is explained because God has given us free will. (continue reading…)

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Dark matter is like God

by Nick on Mar.10, 2010, under Rants

I am not sure this really counts as a rant because I am not in any way angry about it.  I was watching Horizon on the BBC last night. It was asking if everything we think we know about the universe is wrong. They had talked to a theoretical physicist (he looked real to me) and he was saying that the Universe is not behaving in the way that Newtonian physics predicts. So he and many other physicists had come up with the concept of dark matter. This is material that does not interact with the materials that we know and does not absorb, reflect, or scatter light. (continue reading…)

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My belief in evolution

by Nick on Jan.10, 2010, under Rants

You can call it a faith if you like because without proof you can only believe that something is true. However my belief is that we did indeed climb out of some kind of soup (no not looking like we do today) and evolved from there. What I do not believe is that around 5000 years ago some mystical figure created everything and has been watching our every move ever since.

Now I am prepared to admit that we have no real proof that this did not happen but equally we have no proof that evolution did not happen. However, today, I stumbled across a channel called the family channel. And showing on that channel was a programme aimed at debunking evolution and proving that the only realistic alternative was creationism.

At one point in the programme they pointed out some holes in evolution (I believe Darwin was responsible for making these observations and he left it to future generations to fill in the gaps). Amongst these were things like how statistically unlikely the first proteins were and how there are missing links in the fossil records. They then concluded that because of the lack of proof then it must all be false.

Well if they are going to use that argument then how about using it against their own beliefs. I mean lets face it, they have lack of proof written into the instruction manual. So if lack of proof is what it takes to debunk a theory then perhaps creationism is not true either.

At this point you might be wandering if I am agnostic or atheist. Well the problem is that I believe in scientific principle. And that means you come up with an idea and you work damn hard to prove it true. Atheism is a form of disorganised religion where you firmly believe there is no god. I firmly believe that there is no god and so I am an atheist. However that also makes me a poor scientist because without proof an atheist is simply a believer in nothing. So I am also prepared to allow for other possibilities such as God kick-started the whole life thing and it went from there, or we are all sitting in a giant computer simulation and the operator/designer of that simulation is what the religious people call God. I hold out no hope that these will be proven true and I will not be spending my time trying to get others to believe them. I am still firmly convinced that more and more evidence for evolution will be found and I am convinced that when that proof is found it will be dismissed as irrelevant by those that believe in a god.

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