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I’m an Evony Cheater

by Nick on Apr.09, 2010, under Rants

At least according to Evony I am. They sent me a little email a fews days ago (6 April 2010)

Account Action: Suspension

Reason for Action: Terms of Use Violation


After a thorough investigation, we have found that the account listed above violate the terms of use listed below:

Use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software, databases or scripts designed to modify the Evony experience.

You may not perform any acts that we consider to be damaging to Evony. While we try to be as lenient as possible, and take in consideration many mitigating circumstances, the reoccurring offensive trends listed above have led to the suspension.

This Evony account has been suspended for 3 days by the Account Administration staff based on a review of the account and all related policy violations. Be aware that any additional inappropriate actions may result in the permanent closure of the account.

This action has been taken in accordance with the Terms of Use and our In-Game Policies.

Only the Account Administration department can address disputes or questions you may have about this account action. To learn more about how we are able to assist you, please email to


Account Administration

The Evony Team

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not respond to this email. Any email sent as a response to this message will not reach us. Should you have another question or would like to send us additional information, please contact us by emailing

Well what surprised me was that this came shortly after I’d decided to give up on the game and had not logged in for several days. I had two cities and one of them was attacked and taken over. It had taken me so long to build the city that I figured that I really did not have enough time to build it again. But I did not want my attacker to then go on and reap the rewards of taking over my other city (or at least clearing it out) so I proceeded to hold a fire sale. I sold everything for next to nothing. I built a new city near by. Moved everyone into the new city and abandoned the old one. I then teleported my new city away and never logged in again.

A few days later I heard about their new game. It promised a better experience with no bullies. I was curious and created an account on their beta server. I played for a few minutes before realising it was just the same game with a fancy interface and some woman commentating on everything you do. Oh well done my Lord you really are turning out to be a super Evony customer. Realising that it was going to be every bit as dreary as the old game I abandoned that one too and then I received the mail saying I was a cheat and that my account was locked.

So I wrote back to Evony

Hello Account Administration,

Firstly which account listed above? You appear not to have listed any account in the mail. However given that you have sent the mail to this email address I guess you are either talking about the beta account or the live account.

Secondly I can categorically tell you that I have not used any cheats on either account (unless using Firefox counts as cheating). You might well be thinking that they all say that but well really this time it is true. To my knowledge I have not logged in since sometime last week when someone mounted an attack on one of my cities and I decided enough was enough and stopped playing. To be honest I’d already got bored of playing Evony as it seemed that to do anything required endless waiting around. But given that you are accusing me of cheating based on what must be false information (or the possibility that my account has been hacked) you might want to dig a little deeper in case you are falsely accusing other users who might actually give a damn.

Hang on a moment. I did try to flog off all my stock before destroying the city. The logic went like this. Someone clobbered my main city. I then thought they would probably attack my other city next and frankly did not want to give them the satisfaction of getting something for nothing. So I flogged everything for 0.0001 gold. To my surprise I seemed to earn an absolute fortune for doing so. That is not cheating, that is a bug in your sloppily written code. I then abandoned the city, gold and all, and relocated the other city out of reach of the attacker and then never logged in again.

Finally please feel entirely free to delete both accounts (beta and live) that are associated with this mail address and then remove me from all future mailing lists.

and got a standard out of office reply telling me to wait 5 days before complaining that they did not answer.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting the Evony support center.  To better assist
you, we have forwarded your customer service request ticket to a
specialized department that handles issues which you are reporting.

We ask that you be patient while that department reviews and
investigates your customer service request ticket in detail.  As
reviews and investigations can take time for us to replicate your
issue, we might be making contact to you asking specific questions
regarding your ticket if the department feels it cannot replicate or
investigate an outcome based on your report request.

Please do let us know if you feel you have not after 5 business days
received a timely response and we will escalate the ticket

Thank you,
Evony Support

So I was not entirely filled with hope that the issue would ever be resolved and joined the community at and found that, far from being the only one claiming to have been falsely locked out, there seems to be large group of people all saying “Hey I’m innocent”. They all tell the same or similar story. Suddenly they are locked out and Evony refuse to enter into a discussion about it. I never spent money with them but there are players who claim to have done exactly that and then get barred. I really feel sorry for those people.

Well I’m still within the 5 days notice period. My account might be unlocked today but frankly I do not care. I just want to highlight my innocence and then get on with life in the real world. So if you are thinking of starting to play Evony please do a little research. It is a fun game initially but the threat of suspension is hanging over everyone. Here is section 8 of the TOC’s


If you have also been accused of cheating then please feel free to drop me a comment and if you have your own blog I’d be happy to link to it. Please make sure your comments are accurate and not abusive otherwise they will not be posted.

If you are interested in a little more reading about the game here are a few links to get you started.—Game-Free-Forever&id=3720754

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