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by Nick on Sep.08, 2010, under Blogging

Just don’t go there…..Perhaps if you are someone who actively watches the markets then they are for you. But then only perhaps. If you are someone that has a desire to put some money away, get sound and regular financial advise, then these are not the people for you. We dealt with them for several years and we never saw the same person twice. They all had the same idea, open a new policy it will be much better, the last guy has moved on.

The truth is hard to determine but we always made it clear that we are not market watchers. We go to work, bring home some money, and expect that we can invest it with people who have the ability to move it to where it will grow. We accept that the last couple of years is an exception but even ignoring the crisis they made no money for us. We would literally have been better stuffing the mattress with the money.

I’ll try to add more later. However for now my advise is do not use these people.


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