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by Nick on Mar.14, 2010, under Rants

You are brought up in a Christian school and told of the certainty of God, how he is looking out for us and how kind and good he is. You soon find that there are millions of people around the world that are starving and how the Church is doing good works to try to help these poor people. You might start to wonder why God does not help them but this is explained because God has given us free will.But then you find that there are lots of very wicked people in the world and you also hear that God has done nothing to stop these people either because he did that once and he felt really bad about it and decided not to do it again.  So we are back to the conclusion that in effect we are on our own.

You might have gathered that I am an atheist. That is that I firmly believe there is no God. I have no proof of that and like the religious people my position is faith based. But I am not here to argue that does not God exist. For every point I might put forward there will always be a counter argument from someone who is a believer.

No, my post comes from the shameful situation that the Church has found itself in regarding child molestation. It should not come as news that the Catholic church in particular has had a problem with paedophile priests. It should also not come as news that the Church has not everything they can in the past to cover up this situation. There are people who will condemn the Church and everyone associated with the Church because of this.

I recognise that actually the overwhelming majority of people in the Church are truly believers and they do some great works for the poor and disadvantaged in our own communities and overseas. These people must be feeling duped right now and possibly slightly angry. And angry they should be because both the abusers and those that hid them are equally responsible for the damage that has been done to the Church. In fact I’d say those that hid them are more culpable.

But hang on. Apparently the vast majority sought forgiveness. They washed their hands and, in the eyes of the Church, that was enough to regain their innocence. Well let me quickly go back to the idea that God gave us free will. As a result of this free will we are allowed to perpetrate the most obscene acts we can think of safe in the knowledge that God will not stop us. Sure once we are dead and presuming we are not repentant we will burn forever, but until then we can carry on. God will not get involved in the nitty gritty of his creations. So mankind was forced to invent laws, implement policing, and courts. These are what the criminal should fear on earth and not divine retribution.

So you have a difference where the Church says seek forgiveness, say a few hail Mary’s and we will give you pot of money and a new parish and you will be fine until the next time, and the law that says you will be locked up and put on the sex offenders register for life.

I have a friend that was abused from a young age by a family member. She tells me that this person was a Christian and that after each session of abuse he would turn to his religion and seek divine forgiveness. I honestly cannot tell you if this meant going to Church and admitting his guilt to his religious leaders, flippantly saying God will forgive me, or something in between. However I find it repulsive that someone uses their religion as some kind of holy hand-wash for the soul. But it seems to me that not only do people within the church use this behaviour but in the past they have known and tolerated it ignoring the laws that would apply.

So the Church, it seems, feels that it is above the law. Of course, if you are religious, you might well feel that God’s law takes priority over man’s law. If you are such a believer then I’d ask you to step back from your own beliefs for a moment. Imagine that you are in another country, perhaps, where the laws are different or they worship a different god. Do you imagine that you could really justify breaking their laws because your god says that he will punish you once you are dead or that if you seek forgiveness now. What about if someone of another religion came to your country and then sought forgiveness from their god?

The real shame of all this is that all the good works that are done by the Church are massively over shadowed by the scandal. The only way to get the trust back amongst normal law abiding people is for the Church to completely open up to the authorities in every country and willingly hand over the abusers and those that sought to hide them from justice. What remains of the Church should be a solid foundation on which to rebuild. If they do not do this then many people will look sceptically at any resulting Church and rebuilding may never be possible.

In short the Church is simply going to have to suffer some pain before it can start properly cleaning up its act and senior people within the Church should be expelled. We may find the abuse goes far higher than previously thought but that is the price that needs to be paid.

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